InvestCurb, LLC.

Founded 2019




Investcurb, LLC. is a private real estate investment management limited liability corporation, which was established in Cape Coral, Florida to act as a management firm for InvestCurb, LP which is the fund and soon a list of more funds. We will be developing a diverse investment portfolio across the real estate sector. The portfolio will consist of real estate properties, stocks, reit’s, and etfs. The goal of the real estate fund is to reach elevated returns of 8% or higher by the end of each year. The first five years we will start up as an aggressive growth fund, trying to acquire as many deals and assets in our path. More towards the ten plus years, we will graduate to more moderate and conservative strategies to preserve what we have consumed into investments we see fit to last the next 20 to 100 years.


Investment Objective

InvestCurb RE Investment Fund (“The Fund) seeks to provide investment results that, before fees and after expenses, correspond generally to the total return performance of the global real estate market. 



Mission Statement


Our organization will establish various divisions with these real estate asset classes. Each class will in turn develop varied projects worldwide. Classes such as proptech platforms, real estate purchases and sales of multi-family homes, land acquisitions, equity trades and more. Our short-term goal over the next five (5) years is the development of the overall organization. The long-term goal is the establishment of each division independent into smaller subsidiaries.


Executive Summary

    Financial/Property technology is expected to grow substantially over the next decade providing many entrepreneurs the ability to acquire support from investors and demand in the market. At the same time, the real state industry is going through a revolutionary technological change. InvestCurb’s goal is to ride the wave of change in the Fund Financial/Property technology space and further its mission by providing direct access to fully vetted, institutional-grade real estate investments empowering investors with strategic, analytical, and cutting edge technology.


Keys to Success
       - Develop a workable, accurate set of environmental markers for a wide range of environmental impacts a company faces.
       - High-quality financial performance investment research.
       - Price the service so that there is a good profit margin while remaining competitive.



        InvestCurb, LLC. is an active real estate investment management firm focus on delivering professional performance and client portfolio solutions. We developed a website platform that will allow the developers, sellers, buyers, and investors to meet in one market place the same way Wall Street was built. Instead, our sidewalk, on a street corner, under a tree, is now called the world wide web. Only financially prudent/performing properties, stocks, and dividend reits, are evaluated, ensuring that its recommendations make both financial and environmental sense for our investors.


Competitive Edge

          Our niche market of SW Florida was built for the retirement community which consist of boaters, golfers, and people who also enjoy fishing. We look at this motto on a gradeur larger scale because with very few high rises and a ton of open land everywhere, InvestCurb can build Investment Real Estate Funds and it's platform to build high rises, office buildings, affordable community developments, and turn SW Florida into the next metropolis.